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The Craving Circle

Hard work, quality technique and practice have been repeatedly proven to develop habit and improve performance. Conventional industrial psychology has been encapsulated in the popular book The Power of Habit. The book proclaims the Golden Rule of Habit is that you cannot extinguish habit, you can only reprogram your habit. This notion would relegate us to being helpless to our racing craving brain. Which craving we choose is our only choice. Craving associated with avoidance behaviors like alcoholism is not any different than the cravings for control micro-managers desire. Not much different from the cravings for relief chronic pain patients feel either. Craving for pain relief, a quota or a national championship will eventually make one submissive; possibly angry and submissive. Fears fuel craving. Unremitting fears have physical and behavioral consequences. One can indeed break free of our primitive survival brain. Break free from the memories imprinted in our amygdala in a measurable and methodical manner and move forward. One can "think out of the box" in each moment and make free will choices in the frontal lobes; then live and lead in line with predetermined standards and values.

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