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Measurable Mindfulness

Going mostly unnoticed, one of the greatest limitations of Mindfulness has recently been solved. Advances in the science of electrophysiology of the heart combined with digital age advances allows for moment to moment measurement. For the first time psychology homework can be requested, assigned and assessed immediately with objective measures. This accountability must be executed deftly and even kindly in a methodical and thoughtful manner to harness the full potential of the autonomic nervous system. The medical literature emerging around heart rate variability (HRV) as a major marker for physical health and emotional well being continues to grow exponentially. There are three extreme physiologic states, not just the Fight or Flight Response & the Relaxation Response, but also Zone Performance (see left foot braking). Resilience requires understanding, valuing and measuring recovery. Practicing moment to moment awareness and then having the flexibility to shift between all three physiologic states to adapt to shifting circumstances without changing standards, values and principles.

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