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Left Foot Braking

The medical community and the holistic community have difficulty clarifying the interplay between the Relaxation Response and the Fight or Flight Response. This analogy typically (published in the Pain Practitioner October 2016) implies a simplified right footed movement from an accelerator to a brake with a brief delay. Our body is much more elegant and beautifully structured than this simplified model. Modern life in the digital age is thrusting us into the burnout portion of the performance curve at high speed. Our understanding is insufficient to match this challenge. In the 1990’s, the skill of left foot braking was first honed in automotive racing. A driver begins braking into a curve at high speed with the left foot without the delay of letting off the gas completely. Speed and control can be maintained with partial deceleration while braking through the first half of the turn is engaged. Once it appears the turn will be managed safely the braking is released and more fuel is given for more speed through the next straightaway. The Fight or Flight Response & the Relaxation Response are not linear either/or responses. They are independent levers and "The Zone" and "Flow" are not halfway in between, but full co-engagement of both systems.

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