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Live While

You Lead

Healthy people make better decisions under duress in line with their previously articulated purpose and values which leads to a sustainable healthy high performance.

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulates all involuntary functions of the body. The entire system is based on the interplay between the Fight or Flight Response and the Recovery Response. Frequently that interplay is intercommunicated by even experts. This is why we continue to see greater levels of despair and burnout in society; not less. Learn to do more than survive and compete. Live while you lead.


Raouf Gharbo

Dr. Gharbo is board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Neuromuscular Electrophysiology. He maintains a busy medical practice in Virginia and also conducts workshops and private consultations.

"The pace of life and daily stress have escalated in the digital age. Our knowledge in the medical research literature on the body-mind connection continues to advance rapidly. Technological advances and wearables are allowing us to overcome long standing barriers. Instead of reacting to negative behaviors and looking backwards at overload data, with advancing tools and concepts, we can move towards better recovery to improve wellness and performance."

Dr. Raouf "Ron" Gharbo

Dr. Gharbo is available for individual  consultation for exploring and implementing concepts to improve performance and life skills.


Dr. Gharbo can meet with your team, key corporate individuals or think tank to explore concepts to shift culture and improve performance.


Dr. Gharbo has spoken nationally and internationally on the benefits of HRV training. Schedule him for inspirational or instructional talks.

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